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Just the Faqs!

Am I guaranteed a job?
We will fax, email, mail or post your resume to as many places as your job description matches. The more your resume is sent, the greater the response. Landing the job is your part, as we currently do not go on interviews for you. We currently have a 100% success rate.

When I receive my credit card bill why does it have "Calladorn Inc." billed to me?
Calladorn Inc. is the Authorized Billing Agent for A Step

How do I know if my resume has been sent?
Astepup emails you all your Resume Results Daily (Mon-Fri) before 12pm with details concerning the job description, job requirements, job source, time sent, date and delivery method. Our new service allows us to send you these results daily due to lower bandwidth cost.

How long does it take before my resume is sent out?
Depending on the options you selected and job description when you signed up, usually in under an hour Mon-Fri, during normal business hours. is EDD Compliant?
Yes. We adhere to requirements employed by Employment Development Department and can be used on your fulfillment form.

Why should I pay to search for a job instead of going to a site that is free?
When you go to a, your resume just remains on that site. With our service, your resume is an ACTIVE ENTITY and we send your resume to employers that are actually hiring. We currently have a 100% success rate.

How far back does A Step Up start the job search?
1 to 3 weeks, depending on the profession. Employers are usually still hiring a month after the job listing/posting.

What resources do you use?
We use commonly used resources (Career Sites, Job Fairs, Specialty Sites, Newspapers, Want Ads, Job Listings, Message boards, etc.), as well as our own.

I don't have a lot of experience, what is my chance of finding the job that I want (recent grad)?
When you sign up, we will fax, email, post or mail your resume to as many employers as possible, this greatly increases the responses received. We STILL have a 100% success rate.

Can I send my resume in (I have my own format)?
Yes. You can fax or email (word, txt, PDF format is best) your resume to use and we will use that in correspondence to your CV resume when sending out your resume. Just send it to

Why only "60 days" for freelancers?
One gig can get a good freelancer a ton of referral business. 30 days for a freelancer is great, 60 days makes the service worthwhile.